Ohio State Fair Litter Crew

Dates are 7/30, 7/31, 8/6, 8/7

Please plan on arriving at the church at Noon. We will be meeting there and riding together to the fair. Tickets for entry to the fair/parking passes will be handed out at the time.

The scouts should plan to be in Class B uniform. If they have them the new summer t-shirts are nice as they stand out and generally everyone is wearing the same thing. The scout should plan to bring water bottle and plan for the weather as we do work rain or shine. Bring a raincoat if the weather calls for rain .We will have them take cover in the case of Thunderstorms or worse. Also they will be in the buddy system the entire time.

The scout will get a 30 minute lunch break at 3pm. No food will be provided but they can bring money to buy food from the vendors.

They can also bring their phones in case of emergencies or problems. They are NOT to use them during the periods they are supposed to be working and NOT to be playing games, including Pokemon Go.

Troop 200 is the only BSA troop that gets the privilege to work at the fair each year and get paid for this. They will get paid $60 for working into their scout account. Workers at the fair will be watching to see if we do a good job and we are very noticeable if we are goofing off or not doing a good job.

We will leave the fair at 6pm and head back to the church where you can pick up your Scout.

If you want to pick up your Scout at the fair at 6pm that can be arranged but you need to make arrangements with me ahead of time and then will also need to physically meet with me to pick them up at the fair.

If you have questions feel free to reach out to me via email or cellphone.
Richard Orris